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WORLD WATER DAY 2018 - fotosoutěž

25. 01. 2018


The Lions Club of Seregno Aid 108 IB1 based in Seregno (MB) in collaboration with the UN Water Agency for the right to water, together with the Lions Club, the patronage of Milan Center for Food and Policy, in the occasion of the 2018 World Water Day is organising the second edition of the “World Water Day 22 March 2018 Photo Contest” to draw public attention to the critical issue of water in our times, with special focus on access to good water.

The proceeds of the competition will be used to supply water purification systems to communities in need of “water for life“.


The competition is open to all lovers of photography and to all supporters of environmental issues and is based on the theme “Naturally Water – Uses and Customs”

Entrants may present all photographs that represent any kind of use, tradition or custom related to water resources, and taken with any type of photographic device, camera, cellphone, tablet, drone etc., will be accepted.


The competition will begin 02/10/2017 of the official website www.worldwaterday.it and will end at 11:59 pm on 28/02/2018.

The website www.worldwaterday.it will supply all information relevant to the registration and participation, to the enrolment fee and the dissemination of the competition.

WorldWater Day Italy 2018

Více na www.worldwaterday.it


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